Ocean Park – Shark Mystique

Interactive Multitouch Application sensibilizing Ocean Park’s visitors about killing sharks for their fins

This multitouch application has been installed in the newly refurnished Hong Kong Ocean Park Shark Mystic Aquarium. The aim of this Interactive Installation is to raise awareness about the cruelty and ecosystem impact of killing sharks for their fins. Two interactive games have been designed and developed for this purpose in collaboration with the creative agency Don’t Believe In Style.
The first game is a shark racing game where the user has to protect the shark from harpoons attacks by taping on the screen to dodge the attacks and let the shark escape. This game is single or 2 players simultaneously.
The second one is a cooking game teaching you how to cook several delicious dishes by replacing shark fins by other sustainable ingredients providing similar taste and nutritions.
At the end of each game the application invites you to take the pledge to be “Finished with Fins”.