Nespresso Pixie Clips – Interactive Projection Mapping

Interactive Projection Mapping for a special event introducing the new Nespresso Pixie Clips at PMQ in Hong Kong.

Numero I Suite teamed up with Visionaries 777 to create an exclusive Nespresso experience at PMQ in Hong Kong. 4 iPad Totems were placed facing a Nespresso Machine each. Guests were invited to use these iPads and create their own Pixie Clip Design using a drawing application specially designed and developed for the event. A choice of various backgrounds, stamps, brushes and a palette of colors allowed the users to create elaborated Pixie Clips Designs. Using Projection Mapping, the user’s creation was projected live onto the Pixie Clip Nespresso Machine. This way guests could see their creation directly applied on the final product. Guests also had the opportunity to share their own creation on the Nespresso Pixie Clips Facebook page and receive it via email.

A total of 228 creations have been shared on the Nespresso Pixie Clips Facebook page.