CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies and LuOne is CapitaLand’s latest architectural project in Shanghai. Currently in construction, LuOne is a six-story shopping mall and office tower complex designed by Moshe Safdie, noted architect and urban designer, in collaboration with Ned Kahn, an American environmental artist and sculptor.

As construction of LuOne continues, a Show Suite has been developed to introduce LuOne to potential investors, brands, and the media, etc. The LuOne Show Suite provides its audience with a 30-minute presentation composed of several video projections and an interactive Augmented Reality presentation.

Developed by Visionaries 777, the Show Suite’s Augmented Reality presentation begins with the opening of two motorized doors that reveal a miniature scale architectural model of the LuOne set on a turntable. Afterwards, a hostess equipped with an iPad points the device’s camera towards the architectural model to reveal information about LuOne which is projected all around the model, this effect is done by mirroring what is visible on the iPad with a projection facing the audience. The hostess controls the flow of the presentation and the rotation of the turntable with an interface that is hidden from the audience.