Hennessy Artistry 2014 HK

This application was custom made and developed for the 2014 Hennessy Artistry event in Hong Kong.

The design of this application was based on our live Instagram event feed solution, FrameFeed. The main idea was to collect 5,000 Instagrams posted by the public marked with the hashtag, #HennessyArtistryHK. During the night, a pie chart showed the audience, in real time, how many pictures were collected so far. Once the 5,000 mark was reached, the audience was rewarded for their efforts with a special live performance by Taiwanese singer, A-Lin.

We also created a highlight visual that showed selected Instagram pictures on screens which flanked the stage. The highlight visuals showed posts of winners of 20 VIP upgrades, each of whom won exclusive VIP status on their standard concert tickets.