McDonald’s® 2013 Coca-Cola® Glass AR Adventures

Coca-Cola® Glass AR Adventures

Turn things upside-down with 6 immersive augmented reality games featuring the 2013 ‘Coca-Cola®’ glasses from McDonald’s®!
Scan billboards and trayliners with your phone or tablet to see the 2013 ‘Coca-Cola®’ glasses come to life in stunning augmented reality. Then tilt, trace, grab, shoot and more to collect all 6 virtual glasses in 6 games!
This app includes 6 games:

• Snow Jumper: Help a ‘Coca-Cola®’ Glass snowboarder perform sweet tricks by quickly tracing the on-screen shapes with your finger!
• Catwalk Model: You’re a photographer at a ‘Coca-Cola®’ Glass catwalk show, and your device is the camera. Can you get all the good photos you need?
• Bicycle Kicker: It’s the final of the ‘Coca-Cola®’ Glass Cup! Can you beat the goalie with daring bicycle kick penalties?
• Slingshot Acrobat: Using your massive slingshot, fire an intrepid ‘Coca-Cola®’ Glass acrobat through the hoops and land in the target zone!
• Glass Factory: Pick up the glasses with your trusty magneto-grabber and drop them into the correctly colored collection boxes!
• Rocketeer: Fly an intrepid ‘Coca-Cola®’ Glass through the aerial obstacle course as quickly as you can. Boost with your jetpack to fly faster!
Check out our campaign site for more detailed information about the promotion, and download the AR markers to play the games anytime!

This app supports global and friends-only leaderboards. You do not need to connect to Facebook to play, but you must connect to Facebook to share your score on the leaderboard.

The Campaign was running for 5 months and covering 6 countries: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Australia.