Cabinet de Curiosités – Interactive Table

This solo exhibition aims to present the French know-how between tradition, modernity, luxury and genuineness through a selection of exceptional manufacturers and craftsmen.

An Interactive Multitouch Table has been Designed and Developed in order to display the entire selection of products created exclusively by EPV labeled Companies (“Living Heritage Company”). The Multitouch Application consists of Interactive postcards randomly displayed on the screen, representing each of the 9 Brands. Each postcard can be flipped, with different pages on the backside featuring Introduction, History of the brand, Product slideshow, Video, Company Contact. The Multitouch Application has been Ergonomically Designed for 4 simultaneous users.

The exhibition took place in the Oval Atrium of the International Finance Center IFC mall of Hong Kong.
It was a 10 days Exhibition part of the French May Festival happening every year in Hong Kong.
The projet has been developed In collaboration with blch ltd