Domains of expertise


We augment the user’s vision and experience by adding relevant digital content to the physical environment. From this technology we design mixed reality experiences and revolutionize the way people interact with virtual content in the real world.


Our developers are experts in the area of mobile application development. Our software solution allows us to deploy applications to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile.


We have a strong experience in Game Design that we inject seamlessly in our projects. We design innovative game concepts and core gameplay mechanics, as well as creating attractive aesthetics.


Designing an Interactive Installation is the art of playing with multiple senses and understanding the environment by creating single-user or collective interactive experiences. Exploring all the potential that one specific space can offer. For museums, exhibitions, retail spaces, showrooms, music stages, clubs etc.


The system we developed allows us to directly control any light sources or light installations. We can combine our system with user interactions via external controllers such as mobile, tablets, midi controllers or even via cameras and various sensors. We can also inject a live music source coming from a band or a DJ to make the whole lighting installation react in real time with the music. we can program and taylor make any content based on your needs. Our solution can also be automated to run fully autonomously.


AWI (Audio Wave Interaction) is a VJing system that we developed. Based on a powerful real-time 3D engine, the visuals we design are reacting in real-time with the music based played by the DJ. Our solution is very robust and flexible, we can design and taylor make any content based on your needs. Our VJing solution can be controlled wirelessly with iPads, iPhones or midi-controllers but can also be automated to run fully autonomously.


Our strength is the development of functional prototypes early in the project. These prototypes will provide proof of concepts and great insights in the flow and interactions of the project being developed. Our interaction designers will always consider the esthetical aspect and intuitive user experience.